State law changes, some approved by the voters, have led directly to increases in so-called “low level” crimes in Santa Cruz. When it’s your bike or mail that’s been stolen, or your car or home that’s been broken into, it is a personal violation. I know; it’s happened to our family. My experience as both a long-time advocate for and supervisor of police services, and being a lead neighborhood organizer and advocate in Santa Cruz, guides me to focus in two areas.
First, the City must increase police services. The City and the Police need to focus on responding to and preventing crimes in our neighborhoods. Increased patrol time for our officers is essential. Maintaining police services will be my highest budget priority. I am uniquely qualified to drive this priority as I have supervised two police departments and worked with many more. 

We must engage our neighborhoods more, to be the eyes and ears that support a safer community. We must use new technologies to move beyond just ‘Neighborhood Watch’ signs on every corner. has proven effective in my neighborhood, with over 70% of the homes participating; the highest in Santa Cruz. Improved lighting and camera systems, as well as safe home and landscape design, can ensure our personal and neighborhood safety. As city manager of Los Gatos, I actively supported neighborhood safety programs, including a registry of private cameras for follow-up police investigations as needed, and supporting neighborhood installation of high definition shared video services
I am honored to be the only candidate endorsed by all of the following:
* Santa Cruz Police Officers Association
* Santa Cruz Police Management Association
* Santa Cruz Firefighters Local 1716
* Former Santa Cruz Police Chief Kevin Vogel
* Former Santa Cruz Fire Chief Ron Prince
* Scott Seaman, Former President of the California Police Chiefs Association
* George Kennedy, Former Santa Clara County District Attorney and now a Santa Cruz resident
* Deborah Elston, Co-founder of Santa Cruz Neighbors
* Robert Orrizzi, Boardmember of Santa Cruz Neighbors
* Beth Thurman, Boardmember of Santa Cruz Neighbors
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Paid for by Larson for Santa Cruz City Council 2018  FPPC # 1409203  Treasurer: Mayor David Terrazas