Santa Cruz Rail Trail – While many candidates and leaders are trying to avoid taking a position on this divisive issue, here is where I stand.  Earlier this year I led the campaign to protect the Westside Trail from a bad side streets detour, and gathered 2,600 petition signatures in fewer than 3 days to keep our trail on track.  I support further approvals of our trail, connecting the Harbor to Wilder Ranch.

We need to build a great trail as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, while preserving viable and improved future transit options. I believe the current approved Rail Trail plan does that, pending completion of the Unified Corridor Study and required environmental reviews. The current Rail Trail plan is endorsed by the Sierra Club, Bike Santa Cruz County, Ecology Action and the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County, the cities of Santa Cruz and Watsonville, Santa Cruz County and the Regional Transportation Commission.
City Ballot Measure M – I oppose the rent control and just cause eviction ballot measure.  As written, it is bad for Santa Cruz and will cause a loss of needed rental housing and significantly increased costs in our already constrained rental market as proven by other cities that have implemented extreme measures. Instead, I support having the Council work with tenants and homeowners to come up with realistic housing solutions during these extreme economic cycles, especially for seniors and those with special needs.
County Ballot Measures G and H – Both of these ballot measures are critical for the City of Santa Cruz and I strongly support them. I am the only candidate who encouraged County Supervisors to put Measure G on the ballot because it will provide needed mental health, addiction and law enforcement services, specifically for Downtown Santa Cruz and neighborhoods. This is a result of the leadership of Sheriff Hart and Supervisor Coonerty. I also supported putting Measure H on the ballot so we have the best opportunity to leverage State funds to build the affordable housing we need.  My prior work with many communities and the State has prepared me to lead this effort.
Openness to New Ideas. Throughout this campaign, I will be asked about many other issues besides my priorities as outlined here. I will use my experience and the values we share for all issues. But I am open to additional information and perspectives that may adjust my views.
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