Values we share. Experience we need.

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I love Santa Cruz. I chose to move here nearly 20 years ago to start and raise my family.

I love our Redwood-laden mountains, beautiful beaches, and the rivers between.
I love our unique neighborhoods and our Downtown with so many local businesses.
I love the passion, creativity, diversity and dynamism of those who live here.
I love that we're a small town, but a small town with so much more.

But I'm worried about Santa Cruz and our future. I have been a manager and problem solver for dozens of cities throughout California, and I know that the next decade will be our toughest in a century; many cities may go bankrupt when the next recession inevitably hits.


I can't let that be Santa Cruz.
This is where I'm raising my young kids; Camille is 13 and Cavanaugh's 11.
This is where Eileen and I plan to always live.

We must keep our hometown special.


So, I'm running for Santa Cruz City Council, and I need your help.
The following pages describe the  values and experience that I believe can help us tackle our future together, as well as a listing of more than 200 Santa Cruz neighbors and friends who have endorsed me in just the past few weeks.  I hope you'll join us.


I also want to tell you why I'm running, what I hope we can achieve.


First, we have to tackle our housing and homeless crisis. It will take all of us working together - the City and the County, tenants and homeowners, Police and social workers, UCSC and its students - to have the affordable housing and services we need for workers, families, and students.

Second, we need safe neighborhoods and a clean Downtown. No one should have their bike or mail stolen, or their cars and homes broken into. And families and seniors alike should feel welcomed Downtown.

Third, we must continue to grow good jobs and support our local businesses. The stronger our local economy, the stronger our community, and the less our friends and neighbors will have to commute over the hill or around the Bay.

Last, but possibly most important, we must protect the environment that makes Santa Cruz special and desirable in so many ways.  We have to embrace the Riverwalk which has defined our center historically and environmentally, and provides over half of our drinking water.  And we must continue the fight against - and preparations for - inevitable climate change; we can't let Beach Hill become Beach Island!


I have a proven track record of solving problems through creativity and collaboration, based on the values we share.

I'm hoping we can do this work together, and I'd like your vote, your endorsement, and your support.

- Greg Larson

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Paid for by Larson for Santa Cruz City Council 2018  FPPC # 1409203  Treasurer: Mayor David Terrazas